Mission and Vision

Who are we?

uFondwa USA is a U.S.-based, 501(c)3, organization formed in the United States by individuals inspired by the work of the University of Fondwa (UNIF) in Haiti. uFondwa USA raises funds, seeks partnerships and technical assistance for UNIF,  makes grants to UNIF, and provides due diligence, communication, and transparency generous donors deserve. uFondwa USA serves as a liaison between donors and the highly motivated faculty, staff, and students of UNIF.

Thus, uFondwa USA embraces the Vision and Mission of UNIF, which includes…


Create a new generation of Haitian citizens who will lead the sustainable and integrated development of their country with a sense of citizenship. Graduates of UNIF must contribute to the empowerment of their community of origin and help reconstruct the country through the communal sections.


UNIF’s mission is to educate young Haitian men and women in order to create wealth in rural Haiti.

At UNIF, creating wealth means:

  • Economic Wealth through financial and entrepreneurial initiatives and jobs.
  • Intellectual Wealth through community-based education and research.
  • Environmental Wealth through preserving the environment in student endeavors and promoting stewardship of resources in rural communities.

UNIF strives to create wealth in rural communities so that all men, women, and children in Haiti may achieve their full human potential and live with dignity.

Core Values

uFondwa’s Unique Core Values

  • Solidarity with the poor
  • Mutual respect and inclusion
  • Respect for knowledge and traditional values of Haiti’s peasant population
  • Spirituality
  • Democracy
  • Spirit of service
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Respect for the environment