Finance & Governance

Fiscal Responsibility

uFondwa USA are committed to full financial accountability and transparency:

  • uFondwa USA Form 990 can always be supplied upon request, or obtained on Foundation Center 990 Search
  • Previous years’ tax filings are also available on
  • We are poised to grow, and hope to develop exciting collateral materials, annuals reports included audited financial statement, and increased communication with our donors in the near future

UNIF is also committed to full financial accountability and transparency:

  • Beginning in the academic year 2018-2019, UNIF’s financial statements were extracted from the global financial statements of the Association of Peasants of Fondwa (APF). APF founded UNIF, so for many years the financial activity of UNIF was located within APF’s statements. UNIF is also poised for growth and made the decision to build their own capacity in financial management and reporting. The past academic year, UNIF implemented this plan successfully and produced separate financial statements. These can be obtained by contacting uFondwa USA.

uFondwa USA Non-Profit Status and Governance Policies