Back to School at uFondwa

Have you ever thought about the way that the University of Fondwa is so much more than just a school?

As a university, uFondwa’s focus is unique in that it looks beyond education to the future of rural development in Haiti. Instead of being located in a major urban centre, we work alongside rural communities and commit to mentoring students, so that after they graduate, they are ready to return to their rural homes and make a real difference in their community. uFondwa is a meaningful response to the shortfalls of higher education in Haiti.

As we prepare for another school year this October, let’s take a look at the many ways in which the University of Fondwa is creating a brighter future for the people of Haiti.


uFondwa envisions a future where Haitian citizens can realize the sustainable and integrated development of their country with a sense of pride. It instills graduates with a sense of responsibility, where each student leaves valuing the needs of their home community at least as much as their own.


As another school year begins, uFondwa will work toward turning its vision into a reality, educating young Haitian men and women in a way that will create wealth in rural Haiti.

At the University of Fondwa, creating wealth means:

  • Economic Wealth through financial and entrepreneurial initiatives and jobs.
  • Intellectual Wealth via community-based education and research.
  • Environmental Wealth by preserving the environment in student endeavours and promoting stewardship of resources in rural communities.

uFondwa’s goal of creating wealth in rural areas empowers all men, women, and children in Haiti to achieve their full potential and live with dignity in their home communities.

Our Programs

uFondwa is based on the “Working College Model,” also found in U.S. higher education. Here, student work, not just study, is an integral part of the educational process. As students return to uFondwa this year, they will not only take part in traditional classroom-based learning, but they will also participate in community needs assessment, resource assessment, and education. This helps guide them in developing their senior thesis projects, which is a necessary component for graduation.

uFondwa provides an integrated approach to sustainable rural development by offering three accredited degree programs. Students can choose to major in either Agronomy, Veterinary Medicine, or Business Management. These programs have been specifically designed with rural Haiti in mind, focusing on areas where rural communities often lack professional expertise.

In our Agronomy program, students will help to reverse decades of unsustainable agricultural practices that have caused deforestation and soil erosion by learning how to overcome the challenges of producing food.

In the Veterinary Medicine program, students get the chance to specialize in managing the health of livestock like cattle, horses, goats, pigs, and poultry.

In the Business Management program, students have the opportunity to learn about the complex socio-economic challenges that presently face Haiti and will work to implement an integrated approach to create wealth in rural regions.

All of the programs at uFondwa are designed to improve the quality of life for rural peasants directly. In fact, uFondwa is Haiti’s only rural university located in the mountains.

Our Success

Can you believe that 70% of uFondwa graduates are working or volunteering in their field of study?

It’s truly an amazing accomplishment!

Ever since uFondwa opened its doors in 2004, lead by Father Joseph Philippe, graduates of uFondwa have become real agents of change in Haiti. Graduates have established entrepreneurial projects, including sustainable food and animal production, economic initiatives, and educational programs, that improve the standard of living for neighbouring peasants, often in their home communities, while preserving and protecting the fragile environmental resources of Haiti.

Your Help

As another year at uFondwa begins, your help is greatly appreciated!

As many of the communities that are most in need of assistance are poor, we offer scholarships to rural Haitians so that they can learn to expand their food supply and achieve economic self-sufficiency. With your donations, we can provide scholarships to even more students, bringing about necessary change for these rural communities.

Donating is easy. It only takes a minute of your time to sign up. Every cent of your donation will be put directly toward scholarships for worthy students. You can opt to donate weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. One-time donations are also welcome.

So help make this school year at uFondwa one of the most valuable and productive years yet. Donate today and help rural Haitians get a post-secondary education that could change the course of Haiti’s entire future.