The Importance of Business Management Courses at the University of Fondwa

Do you know one of the biggest differences between countries like the United States and Haiti? Opportunity.

Opportunity can make all the difference in the world. When you are denied opportunity, it’s almost impossible to pull yourself up out of poverty and towards a better standard of living. In Haiti, with most of the population living in poor rural areas, opportunities are few and far between. Local businesses and economies have been repeatedly hit hard by natural disasters, making it difficult for them to stand on their own feet and provide employment opportunities. Moreover, the majority of Haitian citizens in these rural areas lack the entrepreneurial and business knowledge to effectively start a small business and contribute to the process of wealth creation in their communities.

At uFondwa, we offer our students an integrated approach to sustainable rural development. Our three academic programs, Business Management, Agronomy, and Veterinary Medicine all play important roles in Haiti’s economic renewal. Business Management is an especially integral part of our mission at uFondwa in creating economic opportunities for the people of rural Haiti.

Why Are Business Management Skills So Important to Rural Haiti?

Two words: wealth creation.

Our mission at uFondwa is to bring about the creation of wealth in rural Haiti by educating young men and women. Over two-thirds of Haiti’s population live in rural areas where poverty is high, soil conditions are poor, and opportunity is negligible. Aside from farming, there aren’t many ways to make a living. Due to very poor soil conditions brought about by over-farming, even farming itself has become less of an option for many rural citizens. The only long-term solution to this problem is to create wealth in these areas. How? By teaching business management skills to students.

The socio-economic situation in Haiti is incredibly complex, and an integrated response is necessary to fulfill our dream of creating wealth in Haiti. By creating businesses and stimulating economic growth in rural areas, our graduates can create new opportunities for employment, lifting many out of poverty and improving the standard of living in their communities.

Of course, there are more kinds of wealth than just economic. There is intellectual wealth that can develop through community-based education and research. This is one of the reasons why uFondwa exists. At the moment, many rural areas are completely denied access to higher education. Only 1% of university-aged men and women in Haiti are able to attend a post-secondary program. By expanding that access through targeting rural areas and providing scholarships for students, uFondwa is able to assist in the creation of intellectual wealth. Having the necessary skills and abilities to run a business certainly contributes to this.

Environmental wealth also plays a huge role in our efforts. Due to repeated natural disasters, deforestation, and soil erosion, Haiti’s natural resources are incredibly fragile. Only by educating people can we improve the environmental wealth of the nation through better and more sustainable farming practices. Having a business management background can help young people see the potential of Haiti’s agricultural future and the economic reasons to nurture the land back to health.  

As with all of our programs, our Business Management program focuses on the practical application of the knowledge and skills our students acquire in class. They work within their home communities, engaging in community needs while respecting the knowledge and traditional values of Haiti’s peasant population. This degree-granting program is very similar to the “working college” model popular in the United States.

Your Donations Make All the Difference

Opportunity is really what makes all the difference to the rural population of Haiti. There are so many intelligent, driven, and passionate young people who could change the course of history for Haiti, but they unfortunately lack the educational opportunities to fulfill their potential. This is where you come in!

Your donations allow us to offer scholarships to young men and women in rural Haiti, giving them the opportunity to earn their degrees and do their part to bring about lasting positive economic change for everyone. Donating to uFondwa is easy. You can do it on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, or even a one-time basis. Every donation we receive will change lives. Not just the lives of the students, but the lives of all of the people a uFondwa education will impact. Opportunity begets opportunity, so help make Haiti into a self-sustaining nation with a well-educated population across both rural and urban areas by donating today!