Happy Holidays from the University of Fondwa!

Happy Holidays from the University of Fondwa (UNIF) and uFondwa USA! 

This past year, political and social unrest dominated the news from Haiti, leaving many with a hopeless view of the country. Our followers and those familiar with UNIF (and Haitians), know this bad news is not the full story. Despite unprecedented challenges, UNIF students and faculty proved their determination to build a brighter future for Haiti, and for themselves. 

Thanks to our donors and fantastic team, 2021 was a year full of accomplishments at UNIF and uFondwa USA!

  • We began the year with our first graduation ceremony since 2009. The 55 (!!) graduates celebrated their success with family and keynote speakers Julian Schroeder (Philanthropist) and Anne Hastings (former CEO of Sévis Finansye Fonkoze).
  • The UNIF Campus is growing! A new computer lab and library were set up this year, providing our students the necessary resources to succeed in their studies.
  • Our Veterinary Medicine School (the only one in Haiti!) is also growing with the addition of a new Dean and Vice Dean in 2021. A temporary clinic as well as a mobile clinic are up and running, allowing students to gain hands-on experience servicing livestock and providing necessary veterinary care to their communities. Plans for a permanent Veterinary campus are already underway promising new classrooms, office space, clinics, surgery rooms, and animal shelters for our students’ use.
  • UNIF hosted our first Academic Conference this year. With speakers from Haiti, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Honduras, and the United States (including the University of Arkansas and Virginia Tech) the conference brought together great minds from all over the world to discuss local development in Haiti. After this year’s success, we hope to make the conference an annual event!
  • 2021 was also a great year for research at UNIF. Our highly skilled academics working in collaboration with the University of Arkansas developed a research paper which will soon be published. We also received funding for new and ongoing research projects this year and look forward to the positive impact these will bring.
  • And, uFondwa USA continued to grow, strengthen governance, as well as, financial transparency and reporting. uFondwa USA is proud to provide generous donors with the tax-deduction and due diligence they deserve.

While 2021 was a year of massive uncertainty in Haiti, our UNIF and uFondwaUSA team has reason to celebrate our many accomplishments. The work and achievements of our students and faculty promise a brighter future for Haiti. 

They are the future of Haiti!

As the New Year approaches, UNIF celebrates all we have achieved in 2021. Our partnership with you – our donors and supporters – made this progress possible! You can continue supporting our work by donating via our website: https://www.ufondwa.org/donate-now/

Your donation represents hope for the future of Haiti, an investment in the future of Haiti. Please, share our posts, share our mission, and share in our joy of making a difference!

With Gratitude, 

The University of Fondwa and UFondwaUSA Family