UNIF Academic Programs

The University of Fondwa (UNIF) offers an integrated approach to sustainable rural development through three accredited degree programs that are relevant to rural Haiti and in disciplines that rural communities lack professionals:

Throughout their course of study, students spend significant time in their home rural communities working in practical application of the knowledge and skills they acquire in the classroom.

In addition to traditional classroom based learning, students engage in community needs and resource assessment and education, which guide them in development of senior thesis projects required for graduation.

What makes UNIF Unique?

  • UNIF is Haiti’s only rural university located in the mountains.
  • UNIF understands, respects and seeks to build on the knowledge and experience of rural peasants who represent nearly 1/2 of Haiti’s population.
  • UNIF offers unique opportunities for individuals and academic institutions in the U.S. to partner in their efforts through educational exchanges and rural community-based research.
  • UNIF is considering the implementation of the “Working College Model” similar to those in the U.S. where student work is an integral and required part of the educational process.
All the doors are closed. Education is the key…University of Fondwa, thank you for your mission.Lucnar Raymond, Business Management (2009-14)

Students in Haiti interested in applying to the University of Fondwa (UNIF) can contact UNIF’s administrative team in Haiti at [email protected]. UNIF is in the process of developing its own website, where interested students and others can learn more. This will be a site of theUniversity (in French and Creole) with in-depth profiles on students and faculty, more detail on the curriculum of each field of study, goals of each college, post-graduation employment opportunities, published results from UNIF research, and other updates direct from rural Haiti. Once this site goes live, uFondwa USA will certainly link to it.