UNIF Faculty

UNIF offers unique opportunities for visiting faculty to teach and perform research for a few weeks, a semester or a year. In the past UNIF has welcomed faculty from France, the United States, Cuba, Canada, the Netherlands and Haiti.

Most of UNIF’s current faculty members are Haitian professors, some of whom were educated abroad.

Ludsonde Lafontant, Rector, University of Fondwa (UNIF)

Ludsonde (LuLu) was born in Port-au-Prince, but came to Fondwa at the age of 12 to live at the APF orphanage, where he would grow up under Sister Simone’s (of the Sisters of St. Anthony of Fondwa) care. He went to grade and high school in Fondwa, and then went to Cuba to earn his bachelor’s degree in Agronomy. Upon graduating with his degree, LuLu returned to Fondwa to work with UNIF and the Association of Peasants of Fondwa (APF) for three years. Everyone in the community were very pleased and proud when LuLu earned a scholarship to complete his Masters in Agronomy in Brazil, where he specialized in smallholder farming and completed his thesis entitled, “Quality of Local Seed Conservation in Different Conditions.”

Here you can view a video of LuLu at a Conference in Brazil.

After securing his Masters degree, LuLu returned to Fondwa in 2017 to work at UNIF as a professor, where he soon became the Dean of Agronomy. During the in 2018-2019 academic year, he joined the UNIF Executive Committee and was named Rector for the 2019-2020 academic year.

LuLu speaks Creole, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, and is also learning English.

Speaking about UNIF, LuLu states, “I work for UNIF because I believe it gives people in rural Haiti the ability to see that they can achieve a quality professional training to advance their lives…I  also work for UNIF because I feel like it is a chance for me to give back to the community that raised me, to the community that gave me so much as a child.”

LuLu has identified the following priorities for the near future:

  • Make UNIF more sustainable and independent.
  • Facilitate excellent communication between UNIF and partners.
  • Revise the UNIF curriculum to better realize our mission of sparking development in rural areas.
  • Write a five-year strategic plan for UNIF in collaboration with our partners.
  • Develop a full manual of procedures for UNIF.
  • Reinforce our local and international partners. and,
  • Ensure that UNIF works more closely with the Fondwa peasantry.



Wiss Latouche, Vice Rector General, University of Fondwa (UNIF)

Wiss Latouche has served as Vice Rector General at the University of Fondwa since 2012. He received his undergraduate degree in agronomy from the Faculté d’Agronomie et de Médecine Vétérinaire de l’Université d’Etat d’Haiti (2007) and his Master of Science degree in Agronomy from the Université de Corse, France (2011).

Latouche has special interests in community development, environmentally sustainable agriculture techniques and food production practices. His research activities include the assessment of systems of water and sanitation in Haiti and the effects of different storage materials on the chemical and physical stability of food products.

Latouche and his family are from the Leogane, Haiti area.


Thomas Moteler, Administrator, University of Fondwa (UNIF)

Thomas Moteler has served as Administrator for the University of Fondwa since the 2004 inauguration. He received his undergraduate degree in economic sciences from the Université d’Etat d’Haiti (2002) and Masters of Finance (2009) and Project Management (2012) from CREFIMA Centre de Recherche en Finance et en Management in Port au Prince. From 2003-2007, Thomas held the position of Administrator of Economic Activities for the Association of Peasants of Fondwa (APF) and in 2012-2013, he served as Project Director for a Caritas Italiana sponsored initiative, Strengthening Economic Activities for APF. In addition to his role as uFondwa Administrator, Thomas was named as a professor in the Faculty of Business Management at uFondwa in 2012. Thomas is from the Fondwa community.